All Specialty RFID Tags for Any Application.

Passive RFID Tags – A Tag carrying data, which can be RO (read only) or RW (read write) lies dormant until it is activated by the RF signal of a Reader.  Upon being woken or excited by the Reader, the Tags begins to transmit it’s data back to the Reader.

RFID TagsTags typically have an infinite life in terms of being read, and a finite life in terms of the amount of writes.  100k writes is typical.

Active RFID Tags – A Tag that is battery powered, most of which are known as TTO (tag talk only) whereby the Tag continually transmits it’s data x amount of times per second, and if in range of a Reader, which is really more of a listening post, will be read. That range depends upon the frequency of the system, but our 433.92 MHz product operates up to several thousand meters. Tag life very much depends upon the size of the battery and number of data transmissions, but can be as high as 4 years.

  • Clear Laminate Disc Tags
  • PVC Laminate & Fiberglass
  • Disc Tags
  • ABS Disc Tags
  • Potted Dome Tags Keyfobs
  • ISO Cards – Personnel Badges
  • Wrist Band Tags
  • High Temperature Tags
  • In Metal Pot Core Tag
  • Plastic Wedge or Coffin Tag
  • Glass Ampoule Tags
  • Animal Tags – ISO 11784/11785
  • Nail, Screw & Specialty Tags
  • 12mm Pill Tag – Series and Laundry Tags
  • Metal Mount Bar Tags
  • TTT (Tough Thin Tag)
  • Hockey Puck Tag
  • Lipstick Tag
  • Tank Tag
  • Deck of Cards Tag
  • Frisbee Tag
  • Clear Laminate Monster Tags
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